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How does ShipTime benefit Costco Members?

ShipTime’s easy to use shipping calculator and tools make processing and managing shipments easy as pie, leaving you free to take care of your business.

Get special Costco Member rates, print labels, ship, track & manage shipments, all in one place.


You can ship envelopes, packs, or packages using a host of carrier services including ground, second-day and next-day delivery.


ShipTime isn’t just for envelopes and packages. Ship larger items on pallets using Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) Freight. Compare and choose the most trusted freight carriers in North America to reduce your freight costs.


Ship domestically, to the United States, or anywhere else in the world. With services to over 220 Countries and Territories using your favourite carriers.


Everyone deserves choices

We work with the top national carriers you love & trust to provide you with a multitude of services.

Shiptime Plan

ShipTime is Fast, Easy, and Free.

No Extra Fees. No Memberships. No Volume Commitments.

Shiptime Plan
Toronto to Halifax, 6 LBS

Carrier List Rate


With ShipTime

*as of June. 11, 2021

Winnipeg to LA, 10 LBS

Carrier List Rate


With ShipTime

*as of June 11, 2021

Ship Packages and Envelopes in One Minute Flat.

Thanks to ShipTime’s simple yet powerful interface, you’ll find you can process shipments in as little as one minute.

Describe Your Shipment
Describe Your
"Our smart address lookup tool makes entering addresses easy. Just start typing and we’ll find the rest."
Compare & Select Rates
Compare &
Select Rates
"See the rates available from trusted couriers for your specific shipment details. ShipTime provides all the details you need to make an informed selection."
Select a Pickup or  Drop Off
Select a Pickup or
Drop Off
"Easily schedule pickups during processing. Intelligent scheduling means greater accuracy. Manage your pickups with My Pickups."
Print and Attach  Your Label
Print and Attach
Your Label
"ShipTime automatically generates your label and commercial invoice you need to attach to your shipment."
Backed by Heroic Support™
Sleep Easy With ShipTime’s Best-In-Class Customer Care

We take care of your business like no single carrier can. ShipTime was founded with great customer care as its core focus.

Our legendary Heroic Support™ team is there for you by phone or email, whenever you need help with your ShipTime account.

Consider us your loyal advocate. No need to call the carrier, we’ll work with them on your behalf, whatever the issue may be.

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