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Save time and money shipping with Nationex through ShipTime’s easy to use platform. Access deeply discounted Nationex rates, compare pre-negotiated rates from all major couriers, print shipping labels, customize your tracking page, automate your shipping for domestic and international delivery services, and so much more.
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About Nationex

Nationex is more than a freight service. Beyond package delivery, their commitment is to deliver a simple, unique and personalized customer experience


ShipTime makes shipping with Nationex easy. Manage all your shipments with Nationex or other couriers in one platform. From comparing the best rates from the top national couriers, to streamlining label creation or customs documentation – ShipTime has your Nationex shipping covered. On top of that, you have access to powerful technology like eCommerce integrations, with Shopify, WooCommerce, and others, and branded tracking pages that can be shared with your recipients.

Powerful Shipping Features with Nationex


ShipTime insurance available


Compare & select rates


Customize your tracking page with your logo and information


Show live rates at checkout


Sync orders directly from your store

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At Nationex they have an agile, human approach. Nationex will be your business partner and have solutions to make life easier for our clients and local businesses... because they are in your corner!

Nationex Ground

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