Aeroplan Terms and Conditions
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A valid Aeroplan number must be input in the system prior to the creation of a shipment to earn points.

ShipTime customers who are active members of the CFIB are eligible to earn 1 Aeroplan Point for every $1 spent on base and fuel (before tax) with a ShipTime carrier through the ShipTime platform. This excludes customers shipping on their own account (BYOR) who are paying for their shipment directly to the carrier and not to ShipTime.

Aeroplan Points will not be rewarded for any adjustments or accessorial charges associated with a shipment.

Aeroplan Points are earned on whole values excluding decimal places. If your transaction is $19.76, you earn 19 Points.

Aeroplan Points will be awarded to the member’s account within eight (8) weeks following the transaction, please contact Ship time at 1-877-784-5744 if you haven’t received your points.

Aeroplan® and the Aeroplan logo are registered trademarks of Aeroplan Inc.

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