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Presenting The Toronto Popcorn Company!

Toronto Popcorn Company began its story in 2013 as a one-kettle-one-flavour, weekend-only affair in the city’s festival scenery.

Hopping from one pop-up event to another, TOPopcornCo. would soon find a home in Kensington Market, right in the heart of the city’s multicultural hub.

What used to be a modest offering of just Old Fashioned Kettle Corn and Movie Style popcorn eventually spanned into a gamut of flavours — a treasure trove of treats, if you may — where every patron and new customer can find something their palates can relate to.

About Toronto Popcorn Company & ShipTime

Tell us about Toronto Popcorn Company.

Toronto Popcorn Company is a gourmet popcorn company inspired by the uniqueness and diversity of the city that we live in. We offer popcorn of all sorts — sweet, savoury, spicy, mild — you name it, and we likely have it!

How does Toronto Popcorn Company help your customers?

Our products’ consistent quality make it an ideal go-to gift item, or simply a snack to be shared with loved ones.

When did you start using ShipTime? 

We started using ShipTime in 2015 and haven’t stopped.

What made you choose ShipTime vs courier direct?

We loved the ease of use with the ShipTime platform and getting instant access to such a great assortment of competitive rates.

How has using ShipTime helped you?
I know that our customers really appreciate the number of courier choices to pick from, on top of that the rates are always very competitive and lastly, with a few clicks of a button, the quotes are readily available.

Has ShipTime ever helped you when you were in a crunch or is there one? If So, please elaborate.
So Many times! So often our customers require time-sensitive orders and Shiptime is always there to provide shipping options that get the deliveries there fast.

What does having a Heroic Support Team available from ShipTime mean to your business?
Having a Heroic Support Team to back us up is very important to us as we ourselves strive to provide our customers excellent customer service all the time, so the ShipTime Heroic Service acts as a direct extension of our customer service.

What are your future goals for your business?
We are hoping to further solidify our e-commerce platform to service more of Canada.

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