ShipTime Customer Feature #1

Who Is Au Naturel?

 Au Naturel are focused on providing great products and an outstanding service.

They started the company for their love of the environment and its people. Au Natural believes everyone should have the opportunity to purchase non-toxic and healthy products. Just because they are good for you does not mean they have to cost a fortune!

Centrally located in Saint-Lazare, Au Naturel’s soy candles are all made with 100% non-GMO soy wax. They are hand poured and undyed soy candles in mason jars, tins and upcycled containers.

About Au Naturel & ShipTime

Tell us about Au Naturel, what do you sell/offer?

We are one of the only Canadian companies that sells all natural soy candles so we don’t cut our soy with any additives. There’s no UV inhibitors, there’s no scent enhancers, no coloring and they are truly Au Natural!

We also offer handmade body products, teas, creams as well that are made to the same standards

How does Au Naturel help your customers?

We deliver to them an all natural product that is affordable, we really base our products on affordability. All-natural products can be costly to produce, but we’re able to deliver ours at an affordable price point that keeps our customers coming back.

When did you start using ShipTime? 

I remember I met Coco, our sales representative at a CanGift event back when ShipTime was first getting started, and we were just getting started as well. I believe we first signed up with ShipTime in the summer of 2015.

What made you choose ShipTime vs courier direct?

Honestly, I love that ShipTime is such a user friendly platform. It’s so great to just log in, get a couple of courier quotes right off the bat and just book. No one has time to shop around, myself included.

Also, Coco has just been fantastic, any time I have a question I find ShipTime to be really good with your customer. I can call, get a person right away, they answer your questions instantly and the problem is solved!

It has just worked out really well with our business

How has using ShipTime helped Au Naturel?

Time saving, we’re not shopping around and going to 20 different couriers to try and find the cheapest rate, you plug in your information, you get the rates and that’s it. Actually, one of our drivers from Canpar has a key to our warehouse, so he comes in, picks up the orders and goes on his way whether we’re here or not. We’ve been working with him for years.

We have actually established some great friendships through working with ShipTime and the couriers.As far as cost savings, Coco will update us every year on our rates and they have offered us great payment terms and are always trying to help lower our costs.

I never have to wonder if ShipTime is thinking of us or has the interests of our business in mind because Coco is always there even when I don’t need her!

What does having a Heroic Support Team available from ShipTime mean to your business?

Simply stated, anytime we’ve had a problem, we just have to call customer support and it’s taken care of. We don’t have to call the courier and ShipTime just takes care of it.

With some large couriers, good luck trying to talk to somebody.The ShipTime customer service has never once been rude or impatient, everyone is so nice!

What are your future goals for your business? 

We just take it one day at a time and we’re happy to have survived COVID. We just want to move forward and continue to be successful and provide our customers with high quality natural products.

Au Naturel By The Numbers