Delivery Methods & Your Conversions

Delivery methods and striking the right chords with your audience are the keys to winning more conversions. Paying attention to these measurements provide an accurate measuring stick to your internet presence. So how effective is your approach? 

Driving Leads

e-Commerce and internet commerce empowers consumers to find the best deal. Getting an edge on your competition will help make your customers’ decision easy. But to target the right audience, you have to figure out how to do this. 

Finding your leads starts with your internet presence and ends with your conversions. Getting out in front of your customer comes with an effective internet marketing strategy. This, however, is only as effective as the number of conversions you drive. So make sure whoever is leading your efforts knows how to manage a conversion funnel.

Delivery Methods

Finding your audience won’t matter if your shipping rates turn them off. High rates scare off customers. Nearly 44% of those who abandon their cart do so because shipping is too expensive. In fact, 36% only buy from merchants offering free shipping while 42% consider the free shipping option extremely important. 

Offering more affordable shipping rates, however, should never mean compromising shipping speed. Delivery method speed is the second most important consumer consideration, with over half of online shoppers opting for next day delivery in 2017 and 20% choosing same-day delivery. Meanwhile, 54% of urban consumers want their e-Commerce orders delivered within an hour, according to InPost.  


When it comes to keeping your customers happy after they’ve clicked through your entire site and picked what they want to buy get, close the sale. Easier said than done, right? Start with increasing site visibility visible and offering the competitive shipping options they want. 

Getting your lead to select that “buy” option comes down to convenience. There is an inherent demand to receive goods how, when, and where your customers want. 60% will purchase from one online retailer over another if the delivery options offer greater convenience, according to InPost

Delivery, e-Commerce, and Conversions for You

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to successful lead nurturing and conversion. Knowing your specific audience is how you get the lead. And how you manage to convert them once you have their attention is up to you. 

Appeal to your audience subjectively in your approach, but objectively based on competitive pricing, low (or free) shipping rates, and deploying a well-designed conversion funnel. Respectively, this means thorough market research, implementing a spend threshold and enlisting seasoned marketing professionals. Follow these principles to efficiently target your audience and win those conversions.  

When weighing your shipping strategy options, make sure you’re partnering with the right shipping service. ShipTime lets you enter box dimensions and package weight for an accurate rate quote. Aggregating data to find you the best shipping rates available, the ShipTime search engine finds you the best possible shipping rates. Meanwhile, the ShipTime dashboard speeds your shipping quote with predefined box sizes. It also provides predefined incentive rewards with a “My Pickups” functionality to track scheduled pickups and times.  

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