e-Commerce business on Valentine’s Day is the third most active of all national holidays. Unlike other consumer holidays, this is one day millions find a way to show their loved ones they care regardless of their budget. So it’s not a day to let pass while resting on your laurels. So how can you channel one of the most commerce-driven holidays to benefit your operations? 

e-Commerce Business & Increasing Holiday Sales 

We don’t have all the answers. But hopefully our stats and insights will help you prepare for and channel the revenue potential of Valentine’s Day. And this revenue potential is projected to total over $18 billion.  

e-Commerce Business Valentine’s Day Facts & Figures

Roughly 90% of all consumers are in a relationship, providing both global and small retailers a window of opportunity come mid-February. 

Meanwhile, according to the National Retail Federation, over 25% of all Valentine’s sales will be made online. 

Jewelry accounts for $4.3 billion worth of sales.

Clothing sales amounted to 19% of all 2017 Valentine’s Day sales. 

Valentine’s Day consumers spend an average of $136.57 each. 

Valentine’s Day Consumer Demographics

Two-thirds of Valentine’s Day consumers are between the age of 25-34 while 60% of everyone between the age of 18 and 24 celebrate the holiday.   

Men spend nearly twice as much as women, forking over $196.39 and $99.87, respectively. 

An estimated 24% buy a gift for themselves on Valentine’s Day. 

Your e-Com Readiness 

Make sure your internet presence is up to speed. What does this mean? Well if you’re a local retailer, especially, make sure your Google My Business is properly functioning and accurately describes your business. 

And for both global and local businesses, make sure your website is optimized for your target audience and products. 

Get your page load speeds on point and be mobile friendly to maximize your sales. Contacting a professional is the best way to approach your website optimization. 

Internet marketing professionals can also ensure your website can handle increased traffic through the proper hosting channels. This will make sure your site is slowed down during all busy holidays. 

Finally, make sure your shipment process covers all your bases. For example, 40% of shoppers leave it to the last week to buy their Valentine a gift. So providing express or overnight shipping is crucial.     

In the same vein, be sure to provide tracking information for shipping. Or better yet, find a third party shipping provider who provides the tracking information for you. This way you can compare rates from all shipping providers for a maximum discount. 

When weighing your shipping strategy options, make sure you’re partnering with the right shipping service. ShipTime lets you enter box dimensions and package weight for an accurate rate quote. Aggregating data to find you the best shipping rates available, the ShipTime search engine finds you the best possible shipping rates. Meanwhile, the ShipTime dashboard speeds your shipping quote with predefined box sizes. It also provides predefined incentive rewards with a “My Pickups” functionality to track scheduled pickups and times.  

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