Shipping goods across town or across the country has become an integral part of our everyday lives, especially in the rapidly expanding world of eCommerce.


With rising concerns about climate change, there’s an increasing demand for more environmentally-friendly practices across all sectors, including logistics and shipping.


The partnership between ShipTime and Canada Post brings a new level of sustainable shipping to Canada, offering members carbon-neutral shipping options for all domestic ground services.

This innovative partnership combines ShipTime’s robust technology platform with Canada Post’s commitment to offsetting greenhouse gas emissions, resulting in a cost-effective, sustainable, and user-friendly shipping solution. It’s a win-win for businesses and consumers alike, fostering a more eco-friendly future while providing substantial savings on shipping costs.

What is Carbon Neutral Shipping?

Carbon-neutral shipping is a practice that involves offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions generated by parcel delivery. Canada Post achieves this by purchasing high-quality, accredited, and verified carbon offsets, neutralizing the environmental impact of their delivery services. This means that every domestic ground shipment delivered by Canada Post is carbon-neutral, significantly reducing your business’s environmental footprint.


With today’s consumers becoming increasingly eco-conscious, providing environmentally friendly shipping options is a practical way for retailers to meet these demands. By choosing to ship with Canada Post through the ShipTime platform, businesses can be a part of the solution to combat climate change.


Both ShipTime and Canada Post are committed to a more sustainable future.

By selecting Canada Post Regular or Expedited Parcel service when generating quotes for your shipments, you are benefiting from carbon-neutral shipping on all domestic, ground services.


Canada Post’s carbon-neutral shipping enables retailers to provide environmentally friendly shipping options to meet the growing demands of today’s eco-conscious consumers while lessening your environmental footprint.

The ShipTime Advantage

ShipTime is a no-cost service, there are no monthly fees, no hidden fees and no volume commitments. ShipTime allows members to compare shipping rates from the top national couriers including Canada Post.


ShipTime also offers an array of technology features designed to streamline your shipping process:


  • Branded Tracking Pages
    • Businesses can upload their logo, website, and social media URLs to create a branded tracking page. This keeps customers within your ecosystem throughout the entire shipping process.
  • eCommerce Integration
    • ShipTime supports integrations with popular eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Ecwid, and BigCommerce.
  • Real Time Rates at Checkout
    • ShipTime offers discounted shipping rates to customers during the checkout process, ensuring you’re never over or undercharging for shipping.
  • ShipTime Insurance
    • Save up to 50% on insurance and enjoy faster claim resolution times of approximately two weeks, compared to the typical two-month timeframe.

Let Your Customers Know When You Are Shipping Carbon Neutral


With the latest update to the ShipTime platform we have added badges to the shipment tracking page when you have selected one of the Canada Post Carbon Neutral shipping options.



ShipTime’s commitment to service is reflected with Heroic Support™ by providing bilingual assistance via phone, live chat, or email Monday through Friday.

Canada Post Services

Partnering with a reliable postal service is key for smooth business operations, and Canada Post is a perfect choice. Shipping two of every three parcels and reaching every address in Canada, they offer a fast, reliable service with the largest network of post offices for your convenience.


In our latest ShipTime platform update, we’ve added Carbon Neutral badges to the Canada Post shipping services that are carbon neutral.


Look for the Carbon Neutral badge next to the following Canada Post services.


 – Expedited Parcel & Regular Parcel
Both are cost-effective carbon-neutral ground delivery services.

The partnership between ShipTime’s online platform with Canada Post’s carbon-neutral shipping is a step forward in the global move toward sustainable shipping. With ShipTime and Canada Post, businesses can meet the growing demand for eco-conscious services, decrease their environmental impact, and save money – an all-around win for companies, consumers, and our planet. Let’s ship smarter and greener together!

About ShipTime

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