On this page, we will share with you tips and tricks to help save you time and money on your small business shipping!

From packaging to weighing to setting up your shipment in the ShipTime platform, come back weekly to get new tips to help you with your discount shipping.

For smaller/lighter packages you can always use a handy kitchen scale to weigh your packages.  For something larger or heavier, stand on your bathroom scale, weigh yourself and then stand on it again with your package.

Subtract your own weight and now you have your package weight.

Package dimensions and weight are a major factor in shipping adjustments and here at ShipTime, we dislike shipping adjustments just as much as you do!

The larger the package, the more it costs to ship, right?  Invest in a simple vacuum sealing/compression kit, place your softer items in the compression bag and vacuum seal it!

Now you can ship using a smaller package and save money on shipping.

ShipTime is all about saving YOU money, and this is a great way to save money!

If you ship A LOT and you want your packages to look professional, invest in a thermal label printer.

Your packages will look sharper and much cleaner when they arrive on your customers doorstep.

ShipTime labels are automatically sized specific for label printers, so printing them is a breeze.  You’ll also go through less paper, tape, printer ink and more.

From styrofoam packing peanuts to paper, bubble wrap and air packing cushions, you need to make sure the item being shipped is in there safe and secure! 

Invest in some good quality packing materials and you’ll have less headaches to deal with in the future.

ShipTime offers one of the best shipping insurance programs in the industry, so be sure to add the item value when setting up your shipment – just in case.