When it comes to efficiently running your shipping operations, shipment metasearch engines are your best friend. 

Finding the Best Rate

Resources are limited when running a small business. Manpower is at a premium without much margin to pay for a few helping hands, let alone an entire shipping department. Just as there is limited revenue to pay for such overhead as high shipping costs.

When dealing with razor-thin margins, every penny counts. And as they say, time is money. So finding this best shipping rates as easily as possible is preferable. But what kinds of tools are out there to help you keep these costs low?

Third-party shipping providers offer a number of tools when it comes to keeping your rates down.  This is where shipment metasearch engines come in handy. This is because, just like any metasearch, they will find the one most relevant to the search algorithm… What? Let us explain…

Shipment Metasearch Engines: How they Work

Similar to how a search engine works, shipment metasearch engines find you the most relevant search results, according to MakeUseOf.com. But where search engines visit billions of websites and create an index, meta-search engines (MSEs) crawl these search engines for targeted algorithms.

These algorithms then send queries to several search engines to centrally aggregate the results– the meta-search engines. Effectively, these MSEs crawl larger search engine indices for specified, targeted results. And these results can be centralized for any market, such as travel sites, general search engine query or shipping services.

And because meta-search engines make use of multiple search engines, meta-search engines can aggregate the most relevant results. MSEs are considerably more effective than traditional search engines. But only better for the audience they’re targeting, not for general inquiry.

MSE Tools & Search Engine Aggregation

Your most effective MSE tools aggregate search results from a number of search engines and apply their own algorithms. As a targeted search tool, they effectively use other search engine data to produce their own results. More interested in getting the best shipping rates than how it all works? That’s understandable. For a tool to find you the lowest shipping rates, sign up with ShipTime for free today.

Companies such as ShipTime aggregates data to find you the best shipping rates available, crawling their available service providers. Working with only the most accredited shipping providers in the industry, they also help you take the hassle out of your shipment operations thanks to its wealth of customer-centric services.

In addition to crawling the best possible shipping prices, ShipTime allows you to access the information most important to your shipping. And all on one screen. The ShipTime dashboard speeds your shipping quote with predefined box sizes.

The ShipTime dashboard solution also provides predefined incentive rewards and the “My Pickups” functionality, allowing you to see scheduled pickups and times. They cover all your bases when it comes to efficient tracking and delivery.

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