If you’re running a business, there are plenty of incentive options to offer your customers. And if you deliver to your customers, shipping association programs offer an excellent opportunity. Because who doesn’t love discounts and free stuff??

Shipping Association Programs & Customer Benefits

  1. Shipping Cost

    1. The first thing your customers notice or care about is how much (or how little) they have to spend on shipping costs.
    2. Providing discounts on shipping is the framework for offering shipping association programs.
  2. Save time

    1. Your customers will notice when you demonstrably streamline their shipping operations to save them time almost as quickly as they appreciate the cost-savings.
    2. With client login, your customer shipping portal will retain users’ preference for easy repeat shipment, address indexing, etc, for seamless label printing and pricing.
  3. Membership Value

    1. Adding convenience while saving your target audience money and time are the main ingredients for your membership valuing your incentive.
  4. Added incentive

    1. Partnerships
      • When you partner with other organizations, you can offer your membership base added incentive through your partnership resources.
    2. Discounts
      • With these partnerships, such as Costco and ShipTime for example, 2 or more parties can mutually provide discounts. Retailers can provide shipping clients discounts and shipping providers can provide retail customers discounts.

Shipping Association Programs & Operations Benefits

  1. Increase Membership

    1. It goes without saying when you incentivize enough clients, you will drive business.  
    2. Through word-of-mouth, in conjunction with any of your marketing efforts, you can depend on a reliable increase in membership.
  2. Boost member retention

    1. When you grow your satisfied customer base and they see for themselves how awesome your service is- especially for the convenience and incentives you offer, they’ll keep coming back for more.
  3. Augment your profile

    1. Offering a progressive web-based shipping service is key for demonstrating your company profile and driving brand recognition.
  4. Your Bottom Line

    1. What comes with increased membership, member retention and brand recognition? That’s right; revenue!

Shipping association programs are your answer to proving your customers more for their money. And simplifying your operations with a third party vendor is often helpful for saving time and money, helping take the haggle out of the complexities of designing and running your own incentive programs.

Third-party services, such as ShipTime.com, allow you to compare and choose the most trusted freight carriers in North America to keep your freight costs low as possible. ShipTime.com works in conjunction with express courier providers and special loyalty programs. They take care of all the details with turn-key and fully supported programs.

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