ShipTime: Cheapest Way to Ship Internationally To and From Canada
If you’re a growing business seeking inexpensive international shipping and a platform to help you manage customs documents and more - ShipTime is the platform for you
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How ShipTime Helps You With International Shipping Costs in Canada

Before you even select a carrier, there are a few fundamental factors that will always affect your international shipping cost.

Here’s what you should understand before shipping:

Package Size & Weight:

A huge factor in the cost of your international shipment is your package size & weight.  When entering your package dimensions be sure to measure accurately to avoid shipping price adjustments. The ShipTime platform allows you to easily enter your package dimensions to quote or book your international shipment.

Delivery Speed:

If you’re looking for your package to get to your destination quickly, ShipTime offers many express services, even next day shipping, and allows you to sort by Estimated Delivery Time! ShipTime also lets you know which services are covered by a money back guarantee and are guaranteed to arrive by the indicated date and time.

Fuel Cost:

Shipping costs are often closely related to the cost of fuel – another thing to keep in mind when you are booking an international shipment to the US from Canada.  However, the ShipTime platform will give you a list of the most affordable and the quickest options with the fuel costs already included.

Package Insurance:

Packages can be insured to protect you in the event of damage or theft. ShipTime is known for having one of the best shipping insurance programs in the market – we cover the first $1-$100 of the package value for free while providing savings of an additional 50% vs the cost of carrier insurance.

ShipTime Makes it Easy:

International shipping often comes with a perception of the unknown, but when shipping from US to Canada, or vice versa, ShipTime makes it easy. We collect all necessary information and automatically create your commercial invoice, a required document for cross-border shipments.

Next, you can quickly and easily compare rates and service times on the ShipTime platform before scheduling at-home or on-site package pick-up.


ShipTime aims to keep rates affordable for small-business owners, online shoppers, and all others looking to engage in international shipments. 

You can save up to 76% off retail shipping rates on all cross-border shipments. 

ShipTime also offers free insurance for your package if you declare a value between $1 and $100. We also offer shipment tracking with your business logo and branding.

ShipTime offers the best rates with trusted international couriers such as:

As well as domestic Canadian services with:

Nationex is more than a freight service. Beyond package delivery, their commitment is to deliver a simple, unique and personalized customer experience

Final Thoughts

ShipTime is a full-service shipping platform that puts the customer first. If you’re a small business or online retailer who wants to save time or money, a cheaper international option is ideal.

We specialize in shipping from US to Canada as well as shipping from Canada to US. 

For additional support with international shipping, call our world-class Heroic Support™ Team at 1-877-784-5744 or email us directly at

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