Every month, we add new features, make improvements, and listen to suggestions from our members to continue making ShipTime the best shipping platform!

Today, we roll out two great features for shipping insurance and package weight.

Cost of Shipping Can Now Be Insured

Before today, when you made a shipping insurance claim, and were approved, you were refunded the claimed value of the item that you shipped.

But what about the cost you incurred to ship that item?

Now, ShipTime has added the cost of the shipment to be included in your claim by default.

If you ship an item valued at $125 and you pay an additional $25 to ship, you will now be eligible to submit a claim for the full $150.


– Insuring the cost of shipping option is on by default

– If this option is disabled, insuring a shipment will only insure the item value. ShipTime will have to work with the courier directly in order to recover the shipping costs, which can take 1-3 months before resolution.

To enable/disable insuring the cost of shipping:

 – Login to your ShipTime Dashboard

 – In the upper right hand corner, click on Settings, and then Preferences

 – On the left hand side, click on the Yes bubble to include the Cost of Shipping in the insurance coverage on every insured shipment automatically

  • Click No, to disable this option

Decimals for Weight Now Supported

With rising costs, inflation, and all of the challenges currently affecting SMB’s, every dollar counts – not only to your business but also to your customers.

One of the most requested we frequently hear from our members is more precise pricing with the weight of your packages.

Before today, if your package weighed 0.6lbs, you had to round up to 1lbs and that mynute difference would cause a small change in price. 

In our most recent update, select couriers, like Canada Post, now support decimals during quoting and shipping.

This update will help your bottom line and help you save even MORE on shipping!

Stay Tuned for More Updates and Additions to the ShipTime Platform.