Holiday Shipping Tips with ShipTime

The holiday season is a time of joy and giving, and one of the most significant aspects of spreading holiday cheer is sending and receiving gifts.


In this comprehensive Holiday Shipping Guide for 2023, we’ll cover everything you need to know to ensure your holiday shipments arrive on time and in perfect condition, with the help of ShipTime.

Early Planning

The holiday shipping season tends to be the busiest time of the year for shipping couriers. To avoid any delays or disappointments, it’s essential to plan ahead.


Here are some considerations to keep in mind:

Shop Early

Online shopping has become increasingly popular, and the 2023 holiday season is expected to see a surge in online orders.


Start your holiday shopping early to beat the rush and secure your gifts in advance.

Holiday Shipping Guide

Know The Shipping Deadlines

ShipTime works with the top national couriers, including Canada Post, UPS, FedEx, Purolator, DHL, Loomis, Canpar, Nationex, and more.

See our Holiday Shipping Blog for the suggested “ship-by” dates for each courier to ensure your packages will arrive on time

Real-Time Rates at Checkout

For online businesses, ShipTime seamlessly integrates with popular platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Ecwid.

This integration simplifies the shipping process, offering real-time rates at checkout and ensuring a smooth holiday shopping experience for your customers.


Proper Packaging Techniques

Once you’ve chosen your shipping courier through ShipTime and prepared your gifts, it’s crucial to package them securely. Proper packaging can protect your items from damage during transit.


Here’s how to package holiday gifts effectively:

Choose the Right Box


Select a sturdy, appropriately sized box for your items. Avoid using boxes that are too large, as this can lead to shifting and damage.

Padding and Cushioning

Use bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or air pillows to cushion fragile items.


Wrap each item individually to prevent them from coming into direct contact with each other, ensuring a safe journey with the courier you select with ShipTime.

Seal the Box Securely

Use strong packing tape to seal your box, and reinforce the seams and corners.


Know the importance of secure packaging to ensure your package remains intact throughout its journey.

Label Clearly

Clearly label your package with the recipient’s address, including postal codes, and your return address.


ShipTime’s platform can help generate shipping labels with ease, ensuring accurate and legible information on your packages.

ShipTime Insurance for Peace of Mind

Accidents can happen during transit, even with the most careful packaging.


ShipTime offers insurance with savings of up to 50%. With the ability to submit claims online through ShipTime and enjoy a faster resolution time, you can have peace of mind knowing your items are protected every step of the way.

Branded Tracking Pages for Businesses

If you’re a business owner, ShipTime allows you to create branded tracking pages.


Showcase your logo, website, and social media URLs to maintain brand consistency and keep customers engaged with your business throughout the shipping process.


ShipTime goes beyond just shipping and helps you build a strong brand presence.

Heroic Support™ for Any Questions

At ShipTime, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional bilingual Heroic Support™.


Our support team is available by phone, live chat, or email from Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 8 PM EST.


If you have any questions or encounter any issues with your shipments, our dedicated team from ShipTime is here to assist you promptly.

Shipping holiday gifts during the 2023 holiday season can be stress-free and successful with the right planning, packaging, and support from ShipTime. 


ShipTime offers a comprehensive solution for individuals and businesses, allowing you to save up to 76% on shipping rates, compare top couriers, and access features like real-time rates at checkout, insurance, and branded tracking pages. 


With Heroic Support™ from ShipTime standing by to assist you, you can confidently send your holiday gifts, knowing they will arrive safely and on time. 


Happy holidays and happy shipping with ShipTime!