No matter if you’re running an e-commerce business or you send parcels to your niece in Vancouver once a year, shipping costs impact you. And finding the best option with full service and tracking at the best shipping cost can make your delivery experience much simpler.

But why do some couriers charge more than others for the same delivery to the same location? This is a point of contention any small business, commercial shipping operation or individual consumer has to deal with on a regular basis.

Couriers for Individual Consumers

With consumers expecting more for their money than ever, the bar for shipping is as high as ever. Individuals who ship only a handful of parcels annually might not be as privy to shipping prices as those who have to do it for a living. Thankfully we live in the Information Age and there are plenty of resources to help you make an informed decision.

So putting forth a little effort and doing your research on the best options before committing to a shipping provider is sure to pay off. Just because you might not qualify for bulk discounts, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve the best delivery rate when sending your aunt Carolyn her birthday present in Denver.

Shipping Cost for Small Online Stores

As a small online retailer, offering premium delivery services is a huge incentive for your prospective consumer. But you may have limited knowledge when it comes to how this incentive will impact your bottom line and may see increased cart abandonment.

According to Change Store Age, 54% of shoppers abandoned their carts due to expensive shipping, while 39% abandoned their carts due to no free shipping. Meanwhile, 26% abandoned carts due to slow shipping. Meanwhile, 59% of shoppers will opt to buy from a brick-and-mortar store if they perceive that the delivery fee for buying the same item online is too high and 51% of retailers listed the rising cost of carrier services as a key challenge.

Finding a profitable model for premium delivery services can prove challenging for many small retailers. Recent studies indicate:

● 53% of retailers offered same-day delivery in 2016 compared to only 29% in 2017.
● 49% of shoppers wanted hyperlocal delivery in 2016, but only 24% of retailers offered it in 2017.
● 34% of retailers in 2016 offered weekend/after-hours delivery in 2016 compared to only 25% in 2017.

Almost 100% of shoppers would like delivery date estimates, but currently more than half of retailers don’t offer this feature. So offering better shipping choices as consumer incentive is the best route to for not only saving on shipping but actually turning a profit from shipping, as 43% of retailers surveyed in the study had indicated.

Simplify Your Shipping Cost

Regardless of the frequency and volume, you require shipping services, a number of factors play into shipping costs on a cyclical basis, such as labor shortages and gas prices. But all external contributing factors aside, some couriers simply offer better prices.

Removing the leg work and shipping through a third party vendor is often helpful. Taking the haggle out of finding the lowest price in a shipping provider saves you time and money.

Organizations such as work in conjunction with express courier providers and special loyalty programs. In addition to a proven template for marketing your service, they take care of all the details with turn-key and fully supported programs.

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