Take Advantage of LTL Shipping and Freight Services with ShipTime

A question that we at ShipTime are often asked is “Do You Offer LTL Freight?”

The answer to that question is, YES, we do!  With our LTL Freight Shipping offering you can ship up to 6 pallets in an LTL freight order. 

You just need to select LTL Freight as your package type, it’s that easy.

LTL Shipping and Freight Services with ShipTime

What Are My Limitations for LTL Freight Shipments?

With LTL freight shipping, each pallet can weigh up to 3,000 lbs.

Maximum dimensions are up to 140in for Length, 92in for Width and 96in for Height.

These measurements ensure that your pallet, create or boxes can fit in the back of the truck.

What is LTL Shipping and How Does it Work?

LTL Shipping, or “Less-Than-Truckload” is when shipments share space on a truck already headed in the same general direction.

These trucks are usually filled with shipments other than yours that share the same destination or the direction the truckload is headed. So, instead of paying for space on a whole truck, you are sharing that cost with other shippers.

With our LTL services and partners, you can send shipments domestically across Canada or cross border into the USA.

ShipTime has partnered with several LTL Carriers, such as:

  • Day & Ross
  • Yellow Freight
  • Dicom Freight 
  • XPO Logistics
  • Manitoulin
  • Polaris
  • TST
  • FedEx Freight

Working with so many great LTL Delivery partners means we have several great shipping options supported such as:

ShipTime offers support for several key LTL services such as Lift Gates which are very useful when the cargo is too heavy to be loaded or unloaded by hand. 

We also offer Inside Delivery which is when there is no loading dock at the destination, the driver will carry your shipment into the delivery location.

Limited Access Deliveries are also offered for shipping destinations that are not open during normal business hours, high security facilities or sites without access to a loading dock or platform.

LTL Shipping Features

Our LTL Freight services are the same as our other services, you can take advantage of the same great features:

LTL Shipping Advantages

Using LTL Freight with ShipTime is just as easy as using our regular shipping services, you still get access to our Heroic Support™ and ShipTime insurance

We’ll help you with Customs Paperwork, you can Compare Rates and we offer several Payment Options, along with many other great benefits and shipping services.

To get started with LTL Shipping simply log into your ShipTime account, start a new shipment and select “LTL Freight” as your package type, and the rest is the same as any other shipment.