Adult Signature - Now Available with Canpar & Loomis

Why Use Adult Signature with Canpar and Loomis?

Canpar and Loomis provide one of the most cost effective ground shipping services. This can offer big savings over other carriers that wasn’t previously available when selecting Adult Signature. If a proper age of majority verification cannot be obtained, your package will be held in a secure Canpar or Loomis facility for pick up.

Why Would I Need to use Adult Signature for my Shipment?

Adult Signature comes in very handy when shipping things such as high value goods, firearms, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, and other sensitive and/or valuable items.


In addition, adult signature on your deliveries ensures the goods are handed off responsibly to a recipient of the age of majority and will also prevent theft of your shipment.

Adult Signature - Now Available with Canpar & Loomis

Is Adult Signature Free or is there an Additional Charge?


Adult Signature is a premium service that ensures the safe delivery of your package to a responsible adult. This service requires some additional handling at a small incremental cost.  

Canpar and Loomis now join Purolator, Canada Post, UPS and Fedex in offering the Adult Signature service to ShipTime members.*


Shipping Safer Has Never Been So Easy.


The ShipTime Advantage

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*Please note the following courier restrictions:

 – Purolator, Canada Post, Canpar, and Loomis will accept adult signatures domestically (within Canada). This option is not available for international shipments.

 – FedEx offers this option both internationally and domestically.

 – Canada Post Age Restriction:

 – Canada Post will require a person age 19+ in all provinces of Canada in order to sign for the package.

 – For shipments to Quebec, Manitoba, and Alberta, the age requirement is 18+.