Incentive programs are fundamental to driving customer loyalty. But how to launch them?

Thanks to brand recognition and human nature, shipping incentive programs promote customer loyalty. And a loyal customer will spend 67% more than a newly acquired customer, which is 25x less costly than a newly acquired customer. The bottom line here is to keep your shipping customers happy. But this is easier said than done… or is it?

Shipping Incentive Programs

Incentive programs for your association’s shipping operations are a proven tool for driving customer loyalty. Extending shipping service to your membership base with a beneficial service program helps drive new members and boosts member retention.

Whether you’re saving them money upfront or providing volume-based shipping discounts, customers– and potential customers– look to incentive programs for upping their bottom line. So there is really only one angle for approaching this– save them money.

Implementing Your Shipping Program

Outsourcing your progressive web-based shipping service takes out all the legwork of building new partnerships and networking to offer clients the fastest, cheapest shipping. Outsourcing your operations will also automatically institute preferred member discounts on fast shipping for your client base. It’s best to find an organization that can demonstrably save time and cost on shipping.

Why You?

Let your client know what their incentive is to sign up with your shipping program. In other words, answer the question you both know they’re thinking; “why you?” And the quicker you answer this question, the more likely will you will land yourself a loyal customer.

Promoting Your Shipping Program

Once you have the functionality of your program up and running, how do you quickly convince your target audience your incentive programs are the right ones? Simple: make it obvious. We recommend hiring a marketing firm for your promotions, which should include:

Organic Website Optimization
Email Marketing Campaigns
Social Media Campaigns
Pay-Per-Click Campaigns
Website Banners

Collectively, all these items and angles should objectively focus on how your program will benefit their business grow, specifically how it will help them land and retain new clients. Whatever it is your client has to ship to their customers, there are shipping providers who can provide your client base an appealing incentive program with loyalty-driving discounts.

Organizations such as work in conjunction with express courier providers and special loyalty programs. In addition to a proven template for marketing your service, they take care of all the details with turn-key and fully supported programs.

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