Shipping internationally can get expensive, a concern for any small business. But what is it you’re actually paying extra for when shipping internationally, even if it’s just from Toronto to Buffalo? Or Seattle to Vancouver? Or San Diego to Tijuana?

According to eFulfillment Service, there are a number of factors you are charged for when shipping across borders.

Shipping Internationally & Package Weights (That’s Right: Plural)

Have you ever noticed when shipping internationally, costs may be higher if the item is small but heavy or light but big than when shipping domestically? There are a laundry list of different weights shipping services calculate into your shipment costs. Here are the differences:

-Actual weight (Gross weight)

Gross weight (GW) is the weight of all goods you are shipping, including packaging and is measured the same as weight without packaging.

-Volumetric weight (Dimensional weight)

Volumetric weight (dimensional weight) is pricing for freight transport which calculates the sum total of all courier and postal services in conjunction with package weight, length, width and height in cubic meters or cubic feet.  

-Chargeable weight

The chargeable weight is the higher of the actual weight and dimensional weight. It includes the actual gross weight of the shipment or the package dimension. The higher of the two determines the shipment cost.

Parcel Carrier for Shipping Internationally

Your chosen parcel carrier also determines how much you can expect to pay. But there is no hard and fast rule here, as carrier rates fluctuate. These fluctuations are based on a number of factors. These include:

-Shipping Route

This determines how quick your package arrives at the destination. The more direct the route, the higher the cost. Standard shipping options might send your shipment on a detour for bulk shipping purposes. The most direct is the express option.

-Shipping Carrier Type

  • Overnight
    • The fastest- and subsequently- most expensive shipping type is the overnight option. This option also provides delivery guarantees.
  • Express
    • Not as fast as the overnight shipping option, express is typically delivered in 3 days or less with delivery guarantees.
  • Ground
    • This option is the most affordable for two reasons; it is typically the least timely and doesn’t come with guaranteed delivery dates.

There is a wide range you can expect to pay on international shipping, depending on who your shipping provider is. Luckily you can always depend on the best international shipping rate to keep cart abandonment down with third party delivery providers, such as ShipTime.

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