It may seem obvious offering a range of shipping solutions to your target audience is how to make them happy. And we all know incentive programs are a great way to drive business.

But once you get your target audience signing up with your incentive program, the hard part isn’t over; it’s only just begun. Keeping your clients happy is the recipe for a long, happy, mutually beneficial customer relationship. But what are the services to keep your customers satisfied once they sign up for your program?

Shipping Solutions Account for Members

When you provide your customers a membership signup option, there a number of benefits.

-Personalized user interface

-Personal manifests

-History for easy access to client shipments

-Invoice archive for tax time

Shipment Efficiency


Shipping Membership program

A personalized membership interface will streamline efficiency, saving your customers the hassle of inputting a bunch of different numbers every time they need to send a parcel.

This saves their most valuable resource– time. A personal account allows your users to permanently designate fixed variables.

These variables can include:

-Payment options

-Permanent origin address

-Address book for all past and future destination addresses

-Past orders for repeat shipments

Shipment Tracking

If there’s one thing your clients love its clarity, especially when it comes to there shipment needs. If your customer is shipping something, you better believe they are checking on it a few times a day– especially if it’s a big order.

Help them stay abreast of their package whereabouts with shipment tracking. Their investment is in your hands until it’s reached its destination. And if there’s anything that will keep your client base happy, it’s peace of mind.

Shipping Solutions Transparency

Who doesn’t want their information as fast as possible these days? No one! It is, after all, the information age. So transparently providing your end-user shipment pricing gives them the answers they want quickly. And with their personalized member dashboard, their parameters are already in place to save even more time.

This also eliminates any hidden shipping fees- no matter who your clients are, they don’t like surprises… Especially when it comes to their money.

Shipping Membership program

Shipping Membership: Making it Simple

Shipment Simplicity

The all-encompassing theme your client enjoys with a shipping solution is simplicity. They want to save time and money with a shipping solution.

When dealing with an operational task such as shipping, companies want to spend as few resources as possible on this. And the quicker and cheaper the better.

Knowing what’s available for making your shipping operations more efficient allows you to make more informed business decisions.

Streamlined functionality is the foundation of your end-user satisfaction. And many of your concerns and headaches can be laid to rest with third party delivery solutions through ShipTime.

ShipTime allows you to access the information most important to your business all on one screen. The ShipTime dashboard, for example, speeds your shipping quote with re-defined box sizes. The solution also provides predefined incentive rewards and the “My Pickups” functionality, allowing customers to see scheduled pickups and times.

They cover all your bases to make sure your package is efficiently tracked and safely delivered. Organizations such as work in conjunction with express courier providers– of your choice– and special loyalty programs. They take care of all the details with turn-key and fully supported programs, offer a refer-a-friend program, ShipCash and the customer representative chat feature.

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