How To: Create Your First Online Shipment

Online Shipping with ShipTime could not be any easier. 

Start by clicking “Create Shipment'' from your ShipTime dashboard or by clicking "Quote & Ship" in the side menu.
Start by clicking “Create Shipment » from your ShipTime dashboard or by clicking « Quote & Ship » in the side menu.
Next, using the all-in-one search field, start typing the name of the business, or the street address you are shipping to.
Based on your location, ShipTime will intelligently help you with Google Address autocomplete.
Now, fill in the rest of the information, and select the necessary checkboxes for your shipment.

Check this option when shipping to a home (non-business) address.

Select this option to be notified when the shipment is delivered.

Select this option to email the recipient the shipment details, including tracking.

If you wish to have any of these options defaults to checked, or not checked, each time you ship, you can set these in your preferences by going to Settings, Preferences.
Lastly, select the date that you want to send your shipment and click “Shipment Details” to continue
On this next page you will enter your package dimensions, insurance value, and a description of the contents. 
Now, select the appropriate accessorial checkboxes for your shipment

By default, couriers do not deliver on the weekend. if you’re sending your shipment out close to the weekend and the shipment is time-sensitive, Saturday delivery is a great option.

Select this option if your items are non-conveyable, not in a box, or are fragile. For more details, hover on special handling and click here.

Select this option for your package to not be left at the door, you can also choose adult signature for a signature to be collected from a person of the age of majority.

Again, if you wish to have any of these options defaults to checked, or not checked, each time you ship, you can set these in your preferences by going to Settings, Preferences.
Now, choose Instaship to automatically choose the least expensive option, or click choose carrier to continue and compare rates, services, ratings, and days in transit.
This is where the power of ShipTime shines, presenting you with deeply discounted rates to compare from the top couriers. If you need some time to make a selection, or want to come back later, you have the option to save the quote.
When you’re ready to proceed, click Select on one of the services.
On this page you will select if you will drop the package off or if you want to have it picked up at your location.
That’s right, ShipTime allows you to create a pickup automatically with each courier!
When selecting pickup, you can choose the date for today or a future date, a time window, and set the specific location for the driver to pickup the package from.
If you have any references or order numbers, add them to the reference fields on the left or if you have any special instructions for the carrier, add them to the box on the right, then click Finalize and Pay to proceed to the last step.
Double check all of your information and when confirmed, click proceed to pay.
Now, just print off your label and affix to the box.
You’ve just created your first shipment with ShipTime – congratulations!
If you have any questions, you can always contact our Bilingual Heroic Support team by clicking on support on the left side menu, or via the live chat.